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Ode to the Hymen - Sharon Olds

Sujata Bhatt is a poet of many different cultures: in this interview, she talks about her travels and how they've influenced her writing and lets us into the "private and inner world" of making poems.

Special Collection

Poets have always written poems about love. We have put together a collection of recordings of some of the best classic love poems, introduced and read for you by today’s poets. From Elizabeth Barrett Browning asking “How do I love thee?” to Lord Byron declaring…


4 poems available

Sue Hubbard pays close and exact attention to the elemental world and the vulnerability of the human within it - Pascale Petit


Tom Leonard

B. 1944 D. 2018

8 poems available

He treasures the grain of the speaking voice -- Robert Crawford


7 poems available

Memorable poetry of sustained lyrical power - Peter McDonald, TLS


Kamau Brathwaite

B. 1930 D. 2020

3 poems available

His technique dazzles, and through the handling of rhythm and image he makes the world his own, and ours - The Sunday Times


6 poems available

'True poetry, sensationally assembled.' Peter Porter


C. P. Cavafy

B. 1863 D. 1933

1 poem available

As one long prepared, and graced with courage, say goodbye to her, the Alexandria that is leaving. - C.P. Cavafy 'The God Abandons Antony'


6 poems available

Reid is a poet who lives on in the mind, becomes part of one's inner vocabulary. In every poetic generation that are not more than one or two like that. - The Poetry Review


Arthur Hugh Clough

B. 1819 D. 1861

1 poem available

'There is no God,' the wicked saith, 'and truly it's a blessing, for what he might have done with us it's better only guessing.? - Arthur Hugh Clough 'There Is No God'


5 poems available

Strands of autobiography, a deeply sensuous ecology of place, historical narratives; the inner world of imagination and the often difficult realities of the postcolonial nation are interwoven in McWatt's bold but carefully worked out architecture. Peepal Tree