Love, A Fear

Each day I try to be less 

scared of where love will lead— 

what it will ask of me— 




it will be misunderstood— 




my tight hold onto love’s hand 

will be loosened… 

by the translation of it.  


See how it tugs against being named— 

being tied and tamed.  


I feel one day the only hand held 

will be my own, 

and that frightens me 

most of all— 


but perhaps it is my self 

I should grasp 




any other 


Love, A Fear - unpublished poem, © Celia Sorhaindo 2022, used by permission of the author

Celia A Sorhaindo is a poet from the Caribbean island of Dominica, where she now resides after living many years in the UK. Her poetry ...

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