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by Genevieve Carver

Bad Girls Club - Phoebe Stuckes
Race Riot, Tulsa, 1921 - Sharon Olds
Special Collection

The Poetry Archive’s World War Poetry Showcase is based on the collection put together for our national poetry recitation competition, Poetry by Heart, to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Of course, there are plenty of anthologies…


7 poems available

She has the comic's knack of placing a lot of weight on thin-shouldered words, words blurred by common currency which are suddenly brought into sharp focus and don't really want to be. Beyond the laughs there's great poignancy - Observer


Matthew Sweeney

B. 1952 D. 2018

6 poems available

The act of writing is a process of curiosity and discovery, with the unconscious mind leading, and everything focussing on finding the right concrete details. Matthew Sweeney


5 poems available

Are words no more than waving, wavering flags? - 'The right word', Imtiaz Dharker


3 poems available

the patron saint of poetry - Carol Ann Duffy


18 poems available

What happens with me is quite often I start with a memory, mix it with observations of people I know and then mix in a bit of 'What if...?' - Michael Rosen


Christopher Middleton

B. 1926 D. 2015

3 poems available

He is an incomparable stylist, a wry ironist, a philosopher of words. The only category in which he fits justly is that of poet. (Guy Davenport)

The Boy Who Found Fear - Jane McKie
My Friend Janine - Laurence Lerner