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Did you know there is more than one Simon Armitage? In this interview, the best-selling poet and novelist introduces you to them and talks about the importance of voice in his work.


Sujata Bhatt is a poet of many different cultures: in this interview, she talks about her travels and how they've influenced her writing and lets us into the "private and inner world" of making poems.


2 poems available

I write because my ink must flow like blood. The written must be spoken. Patience Agbabi


6 poems available

Not only rich music, an easy lyricism, but also grit, and earthy honesty, a willingness to be vulnerable and clean. - Gwendolyn Brooks


Anne Sexton

B. 1928 D. 1974

4 poems available

Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard. - Anne Sexton


Patricia Beer

B. 1924 D. 1999

2 poems available

Every writer nearly always has a lost woman. - Patricia Beer


Langston Hughes

B. 1902 D. 1967

1 poem available

I, too, sing America. - 'I, Too', Langston Hughes


10 poems available

My poems are the product of a relationship between a side of my mind which is conscious, alert, educated and manipulative, and a side which is as murky as a primaeval swamp. - Andrew Motion

Ballad of a Hero - Kae Tempest
Spinal Secrets - Malika Ndlovu
Guided Tour

“I’ve avoided poems that other writers here have recommended, but which otherwise would certainly have been on my list (such as Richard Wilbur’s superb ‘A Barred Owl’, chosen by Andrew Motion). There are also some astonishing recordings in the historical…