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The Mighty Dead

Wild Nights

Read by Helen Mirren

Wild Nights - Emily Dickinson - Read by Helen Mirren
The Mighty Dead
The Passionate Shepherd to his Love - Christopher Marlowe - Read by Ian McKellen
Girlfriends - Ella Duffy

3 poems available

Tempest has forged her own voice, unlike anything else in the mainstream poetry world. The Independent


Edward Thomas

B. 1878 D. 1917

7 poems available

The simple lack / Of her is more to me / Than others' presence. Edward Thomas, 'The Unknown'


Laurie Lee

B. 1914 D. 1997

2 poems available

It was a world that I wanted to record because it was such a miracle visitation to me. - Laurie Lee


Ruth Pitter

B. 1897 D. 1992

1 poem available

I have tried to be faithful to delight... - Ruth Pitter


Edmund Blunden

B. 1896 D. 1974

2 poems available

And some are sparkling, laughing, singing,/Young, heroic, mild;/And some incurable, twisted,/Shrieking, dumb, defiled. - 'Can You Remember?, Edmund Blunden


W. H. Auden

B. 1907 D. 1973

3 poems available

Art is our chief means of breaking bread with the dead. - W. H. Auden


Philip Larkin

B. 1922 D. 1985

3 poems available

I'd like to think...that people in pubs would talk about my poems. - Larkin to his publisher


Ted Hughes

B. 1930 D. 1998

3 poems available

Poetry is the voice of spirit and imagination and all that is potential, as well as of the healing benevolence that used to be the privilege of the gods. - Ted Hughes


5 poems available

Come close the flower says and we come close, / close enough to lift, cup and smell the rose - 'Come Close', Mimi Khalvati