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Poem for the Breasts - Sharon Olds
Ode to the Hymen - Sharon Olds

7 poems available

“Olds writes “poetry more faithful to the felt truth of reality than any prose could be.” – Richard Wakefield.

Special Collection

National Poetry Day, founded by Forward Arts Foundation in 1994, is an annual celebration that inspires people throughout the UK to enjoy, discover and share poems. Everyone is invited to join in, whether by organising events, displays, competitions or by simply posting favourite…


8 poems available

'here I am, on the edge of animation, / a dream, a dance, a fantastic construction'. Moniza Alvi


D. H. Lawrence

B. 1885 D. 1930

1 poem available

Not every man has gentians in his house in Soft September, at slow, Sad Michaelmas. - D.H. Lawrence 'Bavarian Gentians'


W. H. Davies

B. 1871 D. 1940

1 poem available

And I could see that child's one eye which seemed to laugh, and say with glee: 'what caused my death you'll never know, perhaps my mother murdered me.' - W.H. Davies - 'The Inquest'


A E Housman

B. 1859 D. 1936

3 poems available

The sum of things to be known is inexhaustible, and however long we read, we shall never come to the end of our story-book.


Gavin Ewart

B. 1916 D. 1995

8 poems available

The most remarkable phenomenon of the English poetic scene ... has been the advent, or perhaps I should say the irruption, of Gavin Ewart - Philip Larkin.


F. W. Harvey

B. 1888 D. 1957

5 poems available

The Laureate of Gloucestershire


6 poems available

Sitting around an old table/they drew lines across the map/dividing the place/I would call my country. Choman Hardi 'Lausanne, 1923'


Helen Dunmore

B. 1952 D. 2017

4 poems available

In these times, we should be glad of this voice. - Kate Clanchy, The Guardian