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The World According to Jelly Babies - Paul Groves
swan - Andrew McMillan
Cycnus in Soho  - Will Burns
A Summer Blues - Will Burns
Afterword, London 2020 - Keith Jarrett
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The Mighty Dead
Is it thy will thy image should keep open (Sonnet 61) - William Shakespeare - Read by Simon Callow
The Mighty Dead


Read by Simon Russell Beale
Ulysses - Alfred Tennyson - Read by Simon Russell Beale
The Mighty Dead
Weary with Toil (Sonnet 27) - William Shakespeare - Read by Rosamund Pike

W. H. Davies

B. 1871 D. 1940

1 poem available

The Welsh poet William Henry Davies wrote the poem ‘Leisure’, which famously begins:‘What is this life if, full of care,/We have no time to stand and stare.’ The poem’s theme is reflected in Davies’s own outdoor life, which was unconventional….


Robert Browning

B. 1812 D. 1889

5 poems available

Robert Browning was born in South London in 1812. He was largely self-educated, utilising his father’s extensive library of over six thousand volumes. A voracious reader, Browning would later draw on his wide and sometimes arcane learning in his poetry,…


7 poems available

Olive Senior is a singularly original writer with a genius for re-inhabiting and recreating the wonder and cruel theatre of childhood, while also exploring adult pretensions and realities in relation to history, locality and the multifarious and revelatory world of…