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Special Collection

These fine poems, written at different times and from a variety of perspectives, all look hard at the landscapes they enshrine. In doing so, they achieve (at least) two things at the same time. They honour the facts they preserve;…

Special Collection

The Poetry Archive’s World War Poetry Showcase is based on the collection put together for our national poetry recitation competition, Poetry by Heart, to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Of course, there are plenty of anthologies…


Ruth Pitter

B. 1897 D. 1992

1 poem available

I have tried to be faithful to delight... - Ruth Pitter

The Mighty Dead

The Listeners

Read by Maurice Riordan
The Listeners - Walter de la Mare - Read by Maurice Riordan
The Dust - Alan Brownjohn
Captured Women - Claire Crowther
Vixen - WS Merwin
Faith - Jacob Sam-La Rose
Elegance - Linda Gregg
A Tale of the Great Smokies - Fay Zwicky
footnotes of a hammock - Joanne Burns
And let us say - Matthew Hollis