Hard Nails

This poem is also a blues poem and it is titled ‘Hard Nails’, and I give this to my character George Hamilton. George Hamilton speaking, or singing, ‘Hard Nails’.

Geo: Hard nails split my frail bones;
Hard nails gouge my tomb from stone.
Hard nails pierce my feet and hands,
Tack me down so I can’t stand.

Hard nails scratch my frail skin;
Hard nails fasten us chin to chin.
Hard nails I want, hard nails I lack.
Her fingernails ploughin my back.

Drench me down with rum and Coca-Cola.
The gal I kiss be a pretty pretty colour.
I ain’t got a dollar, but I ain’t got no dolour.
Drench me down with rum and Coca-Cola.

from Execution Poems (Gaspereau Press, 2001), © George Elliott Clarke 2001, used by permission of the author and the publisher.

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