it’s not just a conditioning shampoo it’s

an experience is not a claim
we’re not going to resolve easily but
that doesn’t mean all experiences
are possible though any might be
a significant blow C?zanne
wanted to bust the system he said the day
is coming when a single carrot
freshly observed will set off
a revolution – an extended metaphor? no –
one of my hairs it’s here to stiffen
support for the smell of pigment the noise
of exhaustion the way of falling
that’s brought it to the table now it’s on the table
I declare my independence from it often
I have no idea how I’ve come to be where
I am or how days have passed – at a distance
I look at it as if it were  (either the
cause or the symptom) me – broken

unpublished poem, © Heather Phillipson 2015, used by permission of the author.

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