This poems is called 'Rough Sketch Beginning'.

Rough Sketch Beginning


I came to sketch
my ideas for my picture

I saw the sun
a bearded saint in bliss
curled in a face of fire

I saw a mountain
all a thought
left standing there

I saw the sea
a place too dreadful
to be empty

I saw a river
a lover fitted in
a perfect slit

I saw woodland branches
the many hands
washing the wind

I saw birdsong
colour streaks
and circle pieces of the air

I saw dust
dirt from our minds’
uncleaned mirrors

I saw lightning
chink of light from
another world

I saw a storm
peace unemployed
turned into mischief

I saw night
softest of world bedcover
arousing passion

from Rough Sketch Beginning (Harcourt Brace, 1996), © James Berry 1996, used by permission of the author c/o PFD

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