Our Mother’s Day Poetry Collection is different from others you may come across as it isn’t focused on poems specifically intended for your mother. What we have done is put together an ensemble of poems inspired by mothers.

Amongst these recordings, there are poems featuring a wide range of sentiments for and about mothers. From the memory of things that have surrounded them, as in ‘Handbag’ by Ruth Fainlight, which reads “My mother’s old leather handbag, / crowded with letters she carried / all through the war.” To appreciation, as in ‘Praise Song for My Mother’ by Grace Nichols “You were / water to me / deep and bold and fathoming”. The collection features many of the key themes and emotions that you may expect when thinking about your mother.

If you would like to show a special appreciation to your mother, why not dedicate one of these poems to her especially? Learn how to do that here.

Cape Porpoise, Maine - Jane Duran
Dinner with my Mother - Hugo Williams
Drive - Leontia Flynn
George Square - Jackie Kay
Handbag - Ruth Fainlight
The Invisible Mender - Sarah Maguire
Legacy - Esther Phillips
To My Mother, the Art Critic - E A Markham
My Mother’s God - Geoff Page
My mother’s kitchen - Choman Hardi
Not Yet My Mother - Owen Sheers
Overblown Roses - Mimi Khalvati
Poem for a Daughter - Anne Stevenson
Praise Song for My Mother - Grace Nichols
Words - Edward Baugh

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