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Stephen Lightbown – 10 poems from ‘The Last Custodian’ - Stephen Lightbown
Some Bright Elegance - Kayo Chingonyi
Fluke by Any Other Name Is a Flight Number - Momtaza Mehri
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Richard Osmond
Aubade with Burning City - Ocean Vuong

5 poems available

A tune that one has once heard and liked [that] seems to haunt the mind and will not be dismissed until entirely mastered.


7 poems available

She has the comic's knack of placing a lot of weight on thin-shouldered words, words blurred by common currency which are suddenly brought into sharp focus and don't really want to be. Beyond the laughs there's great poignancy - Observer


3 poems available

Celebratory, mournful, critical and tender - Poetry London


W. H. Davies

B. 1871 D. 1940

1 poem available

And I could see that child's one eye which seemed to laugh, and say with glee: 'what caused my death you'll never know, perhaps my mother murdered me.' - W.H. Davies - 'The Inquest'


6 poems available

Reid is a poet who lives on in the mind, becomes part of one's inner vocabulary. In every poetic generation that are not more than one or two like that. - The Poetry Review


Andrew Marvell

B. 1621 D. 1678

4 poems available

Had we but world enough, and time, / This coyness, lady, were no crime. Andrew Marvell, 'To His Coy Mistress'