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The Norton Anthology of Poetry has been in existence for almost fifty years, and during that time the way its audience experiences poetry has changed dramatically. Readers now expect to use their ears as much as their eyes when they encounter…


Alexander Pope

B. 1688 D. 1744

3 poems available

And die of nothing but a rage to live


1 poem available

Forget all rules, forget all restrictions, as to taste, as to what ought to be said, write for the pleasure of it... - William Carlos Williams


W. H. Auden

B. 1907 D. 1973

3 poems available

Art is our chief means of breaking bread with the dead. - W. H. Auden


T. S. Eliot

B. 1888 D. 1965

7 poems available

...the communication of the dead/is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living. - from Part 1 of 'Little Gidding', T. S. Eliot


Ted Hughes

B. 1930 D. 1998

3 poems available

Poetry is the voice of spirit and imagination and all that is potential, as well as of the healing benevolence that used to be the privilege of the gods. - Ted Hughes


Seamus Heaney

B. 1939 D. 2013

4 poems available

And here is love / like a tinsmith's scoop / sunk past its gleam / in the meal-bin - 'Mossbawn Sunlight', Seamus Heaney


18 poems available

...if poetry is a method of approaching truths, and each of us with a human soul and 'a tongue in oor heids' can make an approach toward a truth, poetry is inherently democratic. - Kathleen Jamie


9 poems available

We were testing the range of the human voice - 'The Shout', Simon Armitage

The Mighty Dead
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love - Christopher Marlowe - Read by Andrew Motion
The Mighty Dead
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning - John Donne - Read by Andrew Motion

The Author to Her Book

Read by Mary Jo Salter

The Author to Her Book - Anne Bradstreet - Read by Mary Jo Salter