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Amy Clampitt

B. 1920 D. 1994

1 poem available

Man, you call yourself a poet and you don't know chickadees? Amy Clampitt


6 poems available

The furthest distances I've travelled/ have been those between people. Leontia Flynn


Form is a straitjacket in the way that a straitjacket was a straitjacket for Houdini. Paul Muldoon.


4 poems available

Hampton is an open-minded writer, with the uncertainties and hesitations of the true seeker. - Stephen Lawrence


Elizabeth Bishop

B. 1911 D. 1979

4 poems available

All her poems have written underneath - 'I have seen it.' - Randall Jarrell


4 poems available

Paying attention - listening - to one kind of complexity tells us something about the complexity of experience in general. Fiona Sampson


Basil Bunting

B. 1900 D. 1985

2 poems available

Compose aloud; poetry is sound. - Advice to young poets, Basil Bunting


T. S. Eliot

B. 1888 D. 1965

7 poems available

...the communication of the dead/is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living. - from Part 1 of 'Little Gidding', T. S. Eliot


3 poems available

the patron saint of poetry - Carol Ann Duffy


18 poems available

What happens with me is quite often I start with a memory, mix it with observations of people I know and then mix in a bit of 'What if...?' - Michael Rosen


9 poems available

We were testing the range of the human voice - 'The Shout', Simon Armitage


PJ Kavanagh

B. 1931 D. 2015

5 poems available

Beyond decoration, humble, in plain rhyme, / As clear as I could, and as truthful - 'Beyond Decoration', P J Kavanagh