All of these next poems are taken from a sequence of twenty called 'Lutece, te amo' and each of the poems is numbered and their number corresponds to an arrondisement of Paris. And more than that, each poem tends to have a relationship with a photograph either by Robert Doisneau or Brassai, of the particular area of Paris with which the poem is concerned.

I. Here (from Lutèce, te amo)

The pigeons are désinvoltes like, I guess, the old slum shacks

     of the Carrousel were once dis-involvébèntur,


their ramshackle awnings unwrapped, packed off, their vendors

     sent north of this palais wall.


Expelled I guess, like these pigeons, casual, expelling mid-air:

     piss-shit combos let fall,


land and dribble, bake and harden on the rock-hard foreheads

     of Murat, Moliére and Voltaire.

Unpublished poem from Lutèce, te amo, © Ahren Warner 2012, used by permission of the author

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