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Derek Walcott

B. 1930 D. 2017

2 poems available

“What's poetry, if it's worth its salt, / but a phrase men can pass from hand to mouth?”

Surge 3 - Jay Bernard
Amaryllis Ode - Sharon Olds

3 poems available

"Tempest has forged their own voice, unlike anything else in the mainstream poetry world." - The Independent


8 poems available

A poem is not its words, but the ringing it leaves behind.

Special Collection

National Memory Day is an annual celebration of poetry and creative writing for people affected by memory loss. National Memory Day raises awareness of the challenges for families, carers and those living with memory loss face and raises funds to support…


Sarah Howe

B. 1983

4 poems available

Rich and fierce, Sarah Howe's poems are alive to the complex stories and voices that cohere around objects, family and place. . . surprising and moving. . . - EDMUND DE WAAL


7 poems available

Richard Price retains an individual voice in which intense feelings of love, or dislocation, are packing into often short, complex lyrics -- Carol Ann Duffy


Dick Davis

B. 1945

6 poems available

The balance of passion and poise is a constant tension in Davis's work - PN Review


6 poems available

'True poetry, sensationally assembled.' Peter Porter


4 poems available

Here is a poet with a commanding style; her voice is entirely her own, both rich and laconic - Penelope Shuttle


5 poems available

I believe that in all diverse forms of artistic expression across all countries, there are some sensitivities in common. Esther Phillips