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Amaryllis Ode - Sharon Olds

3 poems available

Tempest has forged her own voice, unlike anything else in the mainstream poetry world. The Independent

Special Collection

National Memory Day is an annual celebration of poetry and creative writing for people affected by memory loss. National Memory Day raises awareness of the challenges for families, carers and those living with memory loss face and raises funds to support…


Sarah Howe

B. 1983

4 poems available

Rich and fierce, Sarah Howe's poems are alive to the complex stories and voices that cohere around objects, family and place. . . surprising and moving. . . - EDMUND DE WAAL


5 poems available

I believe that in all diverse forms of artistic expression across all countries, there are some sensitivities in common. Esther Phillips


Gavin Ewart

B. 1916 D. 1995

8 poems available

The most remarkable phenomenon of the English poetic scene ... has been the advent, or perhaps I should say the irruption, of Gavin Ewart - Philip Larkin.


Edward Thomas

B. 1878 D. 1917

7 poems available

The simple lack / Of her is more to me / Than others' presence. Edward Thomas, 'The Unknown'


8 poems available

In the face of loss - human, natural, temporal - McQueen finds salvation in language. Often her work is about artistic endeavour itself: the desire to freeze time, the realisation that this is impossible - Sarah Quigley


William Wordsworth

B. 1770 D. 1850

4 poems available

The eye, it cannot choose but see; / We cannot bid the ear be still; / Our bodies feel, where'er they be, / Against or with our will. Wordsworth, 'Expostulation and Reply'


12 poems available

An engraver in short, sharp slashes that go deep. Andrew Salkey


Clive James

B. 1939 D. 2019

4 poems available

“The poet is a lifer. Anyone who gets into the game will soon start wishing that there was a version of it with lower stakes, but there isn't.”


10 poems available

My poems are the product of a relationship between a side of my mind which is conscious, alert, educated and manipulative, and a side which is as murky as a primaeval swamp. - Andrew Motion