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“I want these poems to help people to practise empathy”

Compass Point Lullabies for Emily - Magnus Dixon
Scuts - Holly Hopkins

5 poems available

“Language written only for your touch.”


3 poems available

“wonderfully original… relishes and renews everything that poetry can do with language” EDNA LONGLEY


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“Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature, but the measure can be acquired by art.” – Thomas Hardy

Special Collection

It’s always great to receive flowers but we thought we would do something extra special and send you a lovely Bunch of Poems!

Special Collection

Foreword by Michael Schmidt, Editor of PN Review The life expectancy of poetry magazines is often a butterfly’s span. Few reach ten issues, fewer still a hundred. To reach 250 issues over five decades is evidence of editorial tenacity and…

Special Collection

These fine poems, written at different times and from a variety of perspectives, all look hard at the landscapes they enshrine. In doing so, they achieve (at least) two things at the same time. They honour the facts they preserve;…

Special Collection

Sykes Cottages offer the finest handpicked cottage holidays across the UK and Ireland. They have teamed up with us to create this collection of some of the finest classic poets from across UK and Ireland. The poets in this collection…

Special Collection

This Special Collection brings together some of the recordings we’ve made over the years with poets from Scotland. Edwin Morgan recorded his reading for the Archive in his flat in Glasgow back in 2000, Douglas Dunn made his Archive recording…


8 poems available

Valerie Gillies writes like the wind and jinks like a hare in the fields of language - The Scotsman