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The Mighty Dead

Love (III)

Read by Jo Shapcott
Love (III) - George Herbert - Read by Jo Shapcott
The Mighty Dead


Read by Patience Agbabi
Epitaph - Katherine Philips - Read by Patience Agbabi
The Mighty Dead
An exequy to his matchless never to be forgotten friend - Henry King - Read by Simon Armitage
The Mighty Dead

A Song For St Cecilia’s Day

Read by Glyn Maxwell
A Song For St Cecilia’s Day - John Dryden - Read by Glyn Maxwell
The Mighty Dead

A Thousand Martyrs

Read by Jean Sprackland
A Thousand Martyrs - Aphra Behn - Read by Jean Sprackland
The Mighty Dead
Epistle to Miss Blount, on her leaving the town, after the Coronation - Alexander Pope - Read by Andrew Motion
The Mighty Dead
Elegy written in a country church yard - Thomas Gray - Read by Maurice Riordan
The Mighty Dead
On The Death of Dr Robert Levet - Samuel Johnson - Read by Daljit Nagra
The Mighty Dead

Epitaph on a Hare

Read by Andrew Motion
Epitaph on a Hare - William Cowper - Read by Andrew Motion
A Mother To Her Waking Infant - Joanna Baillie - Read by Alice Oswald
The Mighty Dead

Song From Arcadia

Read by Jacob Sam-La Rose
Song From Arcadia - Philip Sidney - Read by Jacob Sam-La Rose
The Mighty Dead

The Burning Babe

Read by Jacob Sam-La Rose
The Burning Babe - Robert Southwell - Read by Jacob Sam-La Rose