A new plateau song


I have a son I love
as a father loves a son,
a woman I love
as a man loves a woman –

such love is huge
in its normality:
no one makes any
mention of the mountain

adrift above their town.
They know it’s there
and don’t need any
word of it from me.

I have a son I love
and there is fog on the
shoulder of the mountain
as a father loves a son.

The woman, same, she
comes from under the mountain.
I tell of my love for her
and the fog giving over.

A woman, boy and a man
walk down from the mountain –
such normality
needs no word from me –

except to say
the woman is the woman I love,
the boy, my son. I am the man.
And this is our mountain.

'A New Plateau Song' from Doubtless: New and Selected Poems (Craig Potton Publishing, 2008), Sam Hunt 2008, used by permission of the author. Recording from the Aotearoa New Zealand Poetry Sound Archives (2004).

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