Poetry Archive Now Wordview 2021: The Park

I would like to go to the park so what is

stopping you can’t make it past the door but

get arrested by some mortal caveat or what if

I mutter in my mask or which is worse

I’m unmasked on a corner cyclists swerving

swearing at me like a moral hazard.


Or I’m ages by the soft drinks on hiatus

cos there isn’t the original just low-cal the

small one barely cheaper than the full-size

or tropical or own-brand which is shit so

I just get a water because otherwise

I’m leaving empty-handed without noticing


the line has moved the punters looking at me

saying maybe this out loud or sotto voce

& the store detective makes a bee-line for me

soaked in sweat & shivering & why wouldn’t he

square up like Mr Proper like they squeeze them

out of tubes & says could I get past you please.


Yes. I would like to go to the park & just

sit there sleeves rolled up & feel the chill frail

pinpricks drifting out of the huge air & hear

the pitter-patter in the leaves the sparrows’

chit-chat of other lives the same different

doesn’t matter I will be as right as rain.

Poem recorded as part of Poetry Archive Now: Wordview 2021. Used by permission of author.

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Aidan Casey

Aidan was born in Dublin and studied English and Philosophy at UCD. Since then, he has worked as an English teacher (EFL) in Germany, Spain and Ireland and developed several mobile apps. He has recently returned to writing after a long break and has poems in many online reviews.


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