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Poem for the Breasts - Sharon Olds

7 poems available

“Olds writes “poetry more faithful to the felt truth of reality than any prose could be.” – Richard Wakefield.


7 poems available

She has the comic's knack of placing a lot of weight on thin-shouldered words, words blurred by common currency which are suddenly brought into sharp focus and don't really want to be. Beyond the laughs there's great poignancy - Observer


3 poems available

Beautiful Girls is not a book for the faint-hearted: it will survive as testament to poetry's force in overcoming - Chris McCabe


D. H. Lawrence

B. 1885 D. 1930

1 poem available

Not every man has gentians in his house in Soft September, at slow, Sad Michaelmas. - D.H. Lawrence 'Bavarian Gentians'


Jane Yeh

B. 1971

4 poems available

Poetry so unsettling, describing worlds so troubling and lonely, is seldom as funny, clever, and downright charming as Jane Yeh's. - Aingeal Clare


3 poems available

His poetry is what all poetry should be, the surprising and beautiful organisation of things that life has disorganised. John Fuller


A E Housman

B. 1859 D. 1936

3 poems available

The sum of things to be known is inexhaustible, and however long we read, we shall never come to the end of our story-book.


Christopher Marlowe

B. 1564 D. 1593

2 poems available

'Who ever loved that loved not at first sight' Christopher Marlowe, 'Hero and Leander'


Gavin Ewart

B. 1916 D. 1995

8 poems available

The most remarkable phenomenon of the English poetic scene ... has been the advent, or perhaps I should say the irruption, of Gavin Ewart - Philip Larkin.


John Keats

B. 1795 D. 1821

6 poems available

The poetry of the earth is never dead. John Keats


Robert Browning

B. 1812 D. 1889

5 poems available

God is the perfect poet.