Rosaceous Wonders


Tread the cottage grapes to wine,
ascend the cellar stair,
Sit down with me tonight and dine,
there is a purpose here.

I knew you in the days before
we had our stab at being wise.
The rain falls on the roof, the floor
comes as no surprise.

Tell me, did you learn a thing
or two, or did the blood
Prohibit consubstantial learning,
a vicious abstinence your mood?

See the trees provide the flower
forgiving what we all have done,
Administer the simple power
of roses in the garden sun.

O rosaceous wonders on
the gilt of evening, speak to me,
And be the understanding gone
from lilacs, perfect artistry.

from The Erotics of God (Smokestack Books, 2005), copyright © Sebastian Barker 2005, used by permission of the author and the publisher.

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